Given Back Wall Plaques:                      A whole new idea


Given Back Wall Plaques are little vignettes that showcase rare woods with gorgeous mosses and sedum. They are beautiful enough for any room in the house, yet rugged enough for year round use outdoors. 

The Wall Plaque

Given Back Wall Plaques come in three different styles. The Cottage style always features a home & garden setting, the Abstract style focuses on contrast and line, and the Cliffhanger style perches tiny houses on mountaintops. The plaques have a wire hanger hidden on the back and can hang easily anywhere. All mosses and sedum are alive, with their roots undisturbed. 


All plaques are created, signed, dated and numbered by us and only us. The various types of rare woods used are noted on the back.


Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of this type of artwork, we will send photos of 2 or more choices when you order. We honor requests made in the notes whenever possible.



Given Back Wall Plaque


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