Given Back Bat Houses:                    True Bat Habitats

We have based our Given Back Bat House design on both historical research about bats, and current trends in bat conservation. We believe we have come up with the perfect bat habitat. It has all the necessary safety features, the recommended length, width and height for a one chamber house, and is made from dry, sapless wood. 


Bat Houses are generally used in two ways. The first by people who already have bat residents in their eaves. We hang the house just next to where your bats are already living, and then close up their current entry point. This encourages the bats to use their own house instead of yours, and they are happier in the long run in a true habitat. The second way to use our bat houses is to hang one where you know the bats need a habitat, and then wait for the bats to find it. This can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Bat experts say that even after a bat finds the perfect habitat, it still takes some time to convince others to join him living there. Once established, the bats will return year after year, having pups, building up a colony and keeping your bug populations in check.

The Bat House

Our bat habitats vary widely in form and appearance, but all share identical inner dimensions, which the bats are looking for in the wild.


We both deliver, and install our bat houses, for clients within driving distance, whenever possible. For out of state, and overseas clients, we calculate the shipping costs based on the exact house you choose, coupled with your specific destination. 

Given Back Bat House


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