Given Back Bird Houses: A Part of the Solution

The Open Nester Bird House

Each Given Back Open Nester is one of a kind. The majority of our wild birds are what we call Open Nesters, which means they do not use a bird house. Instead, they use branches and eaves and all sorts of things for the base of their nest. This Open Nester we build is an effort to give them all that they need: camouflage, shelter, the ability to see out 180 degrees for safety, and a soft moss base to begin nesting. Some clients have used these to coax birds out of their eaves and planters. Others simply enjoy looking at them and hope in time, a bird will dub it the perfect home.

Some Open Nesting birds are: Hummingbirds, Finches, Thrushes, Robins and Cardinals. We size them according to which bird you are looking to house.


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  • Shipping Time: Building time + 7 days