Given Back Bird Houses: Construction

Built to last for generations, these bird houses are so carefully constructed that they can withstand the most extreme weather.

 * Our products are all 100% our own original design, perfected by us over the years, while watching them weather beautifully.

* They are strung all the way through, cradling their own weight from underneath. This is the strongest way to hold weight, and prevents them from ever falling apart. The wire that runs through forms a releasable loop on top, which allows them to hang from any branch easily, safely and without disturbing our trees.

* Even all of the moss we attach is alive and will continue to grow back as the birds use it for their nest inside.

* Each house is created, signed, numbered and dated by us, and only us. :)


Our product line encompasses a huge variety of one-of-a-kind bird house styles - the Alpine, the Chalet, the Condo, the End-Piece, the Flat-Top, & the Open Nester. We also make beautiful Suet FeedersSeed FeedersNurse Logs, tree stands of all types, and commissioned pieces. Plus we personalize any Given Back items with hand cut hearts and/or wood burning.