Maria Fisher: Master Painter

The gift of a personalized painting lasts longer than your lifetime.


To order one of your very own, simply email Maria at Professional custom framing of every kind (including Pacific Northwest driftwood) available upon request.

This pair of Nesting American Goldfinches was commissioned in April 2013.

Christmas 2012: The Pinjagic Family, Portland, Oregon

This painting, measuring 3 feet x 4 feet, was ordered in the fall as a surprise Christmas gift in Portland. The entire family out in the forest with Multnomah Falls in the background. Many of their different photographs of the Oregon landscape are pieced together to weave a lush scene of memories behind them. Big Leaf Maple, Bracken Ferns, Douglas Fir, and Salal, are just some of the native species featured.

Previous Commissions: 2010-2012